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This Week Mobile App

A better way to connect and inform.

I designed, developed, and led a mobile web app launch for Calvary that replaced existing print materials, delivered information to members, and saved money each year.

Calvary is a multi-campus church in Northern Colorado offering both in-person and online weekend services. They believe people benefit from connecting in a small community, so they provide weekly groups for all ages of adults, as well as programs for kids and students.


UX Strategy
UI Design
Mobile Development
Usability Testing


Replace the physical weekly handout and connect card with a dynamic mobile app to help people connect, engage, and register for events during the week.

A secondary goal was to reduce annual paper costs.


Converting people from physical paper to a digital app, lowering technical barriers, and encouraging sustained usage.

Target Audience

Members and frequent attendees are the top priority followed closely by first-time and returning guests.


The first step in my design process was to empathize with the user of the physical, printed weekly handout that already existed. What was important to them? What were they looking for? Why did they take a handout or fill out a connect card in the first place? After reviewing all the content and sections in the handout I determined there were two main categories:

Content For User
Weekend Info (Services Times & Kids Programming)
General Organizational Info
Events & Announcements

Content From User
Connect Card
Receiving guest and updated info
Sign ups


I created initial low fidelity wireframes to explore hierarchical content in dropdowns. The strategy was to prioritize guest connection–content for them and content from them, while visually showing the user the most important content categories for the week on the initial screen view.

Branding & UI Design

In order to bring Calvary’s brand and feel to users throughout the week, I integrated core colors from our style guide into the mobile app’s visual design.
Main Brand Color
Represents and connects users to the organization.
Call to Action Color
Meant to bring attention to the user. I used this as a contrast to the web greys to call out the connect card.


I created initial prototypes for usability testing and clicks on dropdowns and forms. I set a baseline dropdown color scheme, animation speed, and used industry-standard embed form UI techniques.

Usability Testing

The key components I tested were dropdown clickability, forms, and content section order. I selected three test users that represented the spectrum of the target audience.
40s married male / tech enthusiast
20s male, college student

60s female, organization member


I learned that users are familiar with common actions on web applications, such as dropdowns. In my initial prototype, the dropdown background colors weren’t the same on open and close functions. In order to avoid usability errors and visual distraction, I changed them to be a consistent color. The findings also showed that some animation adjustments needed to be made.

Another key finding was that users had varying familiarity with the “Save To Home Screen” browser function. Although this feature was not necessary to use the web app, I believed that having users add the mobile app to their home screen as their first action could increase weekly returns. To address this, I added a dropdown with install instructions, accounting for iPhone and Android users.



weekly users


connect forms each year


paper & print savings each year

Guest Web Experience