Why I’m Starting A Blog

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We all have something to share. God has given us all a unique perspective and background… a unique story to get to the point where we are now. I want to share in hopes that you will go share and do, and create, and find how God can use you to further his kingdom. In the process I’ll be refining my own ideas and things God has placed on my heart the past eight months.

I love reading blogs. I’m encouraged by them, I’m challenged by them. And I’m reminded that I’m not alone. You’re not alone.

Two ideas from successful bloggers has really hit home for me as I begin this journey. Seth Godin, writer of one of the most popluar blogs in the world, says this about blogging, “…what matters is the humility that comes from writing it.” What a statement! Jeff Goins, in one of his most read posts on the discipline of blogging explains, “Because it’s not just about me.”

How did I get to this blog post? It was while watching a stage production of Marry Poppins in May that God subtly prompted me to start a blog and share. I realized it. I decided I would. Maybe it was the fact that I was with a group of creatives from all over the country taking a break from serving churches in Alaska, maybe it was the light shining on the buildings at 10pm, or maybe it was the production quality and emotional music that helped facilitate that moment. Whatever is was for me and is for you, we all need to be inspired.

I’m ready to jump in. Since that night I’ve typed out ideas I want to share and blog post titles/notes or full posts that spilled out onto the page. Some of them were written on trains in Europe and others between meetings at Calvary Bible Church, where I help to communicate the gospel through web, printed materials, slides, and social media. I have a lot to share. I’m praying that they will utimately bring God glory and inspire you to share your story and find your passion in 2014 and beyond.

These blog post topics I’m planning are for everyone. I want to provide value to you and I want to challenge you, whether you’re a middle or high schooler trying to navigate friendships and activities, college student making tough decisions on what to do with the life you’ve been given, or professional working and living in this ever-changing technology and social media age. Posts will be about how to share your story, things I’m learning about life, new apps, and how and why to use different social networks. I’ll also be blogging about specific projects and aspects of my job in church communication.

Donald Miller says in Blue Like Jazz, “other people keep our souls alive.” I believe that’s how God set it up. He came to this earth and invested in 12 men. I want to continue to connect with each of you. This blog will help me share more than 140 characters, but I can also promise they’ll be bite-sized chunks that you can take with you.

We live in a world and culture with constant change. Most people are connected to social media in some way and we’re starting to forget life without smartphones and Facebook. Are we missing something in it all?

You might have every single social network on your iPhone and post on each frequently. You might just have Facebook because your family is on it, or Twitter to learn and read. You might see social media as a huge learning curve as you try to hold out for as long as possible, hoping that someone doesn’t bug you about getting that social network… again. I want to continue the discussion or maybe for you – start it.

Maybe it’s using social media less.
Maybe it’s leveraging it for more.

I confess I don’t have all the answers, but I’m seeking them out. I’m seeking them out because I don’t want to be victim of a life that’s wasted away on social media. Wasted away comparing myself to others. Wasted away building my pride and reputation. Wasted away watching the number of “likes”. I want to make God’s power known and take advantage of the opportunity we all have to connect and reach people like never before.

We need to go against the grain. In our culture, blogging and social are primarily used to glorify self. We see it all the time. We’re numb to it. I want to show you how social media doesn’t have to take over your life but how it can be used to glorify God, make meaningful connections, and share your story. I hope you’ll join me!

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On January 31, 2014

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