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I’m so thankful that I have a full-time job communicating the gospel at Calvary, where my role has expanded to creative arts, stage design, and leading tech teams, as well as web, graphics, and social media. I’m in awe of how God has worked in my life and given me a passion for church communication, not only in Boulder and Erie, but in the church he is building.

I’m humbled when I think back to the opportunity I was given to be a part of Creative Missions, which pairs media professionals with under-resourced churches, creating sustainable solutions that engage their communities with the gospel. I’m amazed at how God has used our teams in Anchorage and Baltimore to help churches further the kingdom in their cities.

I’ve helped to create new websites, logos, service slides, and other communication pieces that churches are still using a year or two later. It’s incredible to interact with pastors and serve them in such a tangible and sustainable way. We’ve heard things like “You’ve come at the perfect time”, over and over again, affirming that the Spirit is at work and leading us each year. One pastor last year, with tears streaming down his face called our team, “arm lifters” for his church. He had God-given dreams, but wasn’t sure if he could go on without a logo or web solution. We were able to re-energize him and his staff to communicate the gospel to their community!

This year Creative Missions is going to Boise, Idaho May 16-22 to serve and support 10-15 under-resourced churches in the city and surrounding areas. I’ve been invited to serve again this year!

Boise is a growing town (#15 on Forbes’ list of the fastest growing U.S. cities) with a lively outdoors culture, healthy economy, and a fantastic quality-of-life. In fact, the quality of life is so good, folks don’t realize their need for a savior.

It’s also a “post-Christian” city that’s open to a plurality of spiritual beliefs, but largely unchurched. The church is actually the biggest barrier to the gospel in Boise. People are not asking, “what church should we go to,” but “why church?” We’re serving churches who have found impacting their city with the gospel best happens in missional communities.

Our goal in 2015 is to help equip pastors and their missional communities engage a culture where some find little value in a traditional “church service.”

Please pray for me! Pray for the pastors we’ll be meeting and interacting with, and for the communities that will hear the gospel through solutions that we help to implement. Pray for unity and humility of our teams.

Calvary empowers me to go without using vacation time, but I still have to pay the trip fee of $485 plus airfare. I need help getting to Boise, so that I can come alongside churches to make the gospel known in the city. If you feel led, you can sponsor me here:

Follow me on the trip!

Learn more about Creative Missions:

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On April 28, 2015

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