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Well over a year ago now, I had felt God tugging on my heart to find ways to use my gifts outside of my office walls at Calvary Bible Church, where I work in graphic, web, and social media communications. Through a couple blogs I found online and some connections made on Twitter, I heard about Creative Missions, which pairs teams of church communications gurus, creatives and techies with under-resourced churches and ministries to create sustainable solutions that better engage and communicate the gospel to their communities. I was invited to go on last year’s trip to Alaska, where I served churches alongside 30 other creatives who love Jesus from all over the country and even in London! God began to open my eyes to the greater church Christ is building while giving me a new perspective and passion for communicating the gospel at Calvary.

That was just the beginning, not just for those churches in Alaska who were re-energized through our efforts, but also for me as I was forming friendships that I could go to as a resource and encouragement for my work.

This year Creative Missions is going to Baltimore, Maryland May 17-23 to serve and support 15-20 under-resourced churches in the city. I’ve been invited to serve again this year!

In February, I was given the opportunity to join the leaders of Creative Missions on their vision trip. We met with 8 of the pastors we’ll be serving and visited a couple churches for Sunday services. While I was there, God kept affirming that it was where I was supposed to be and one way he was going to use me this year and in the future. I’m so thankful to be used by God for his kingdom purposes!

Baltimore is a very influential city. There are 15 colleges/universities (200,000 students) and 19 hospitals. Johns Hopkins, in fact, is known as the nationʼs best hospital.

Baltimore is also rich in historical importance with past creative residents including Edgar Allan Poe, Billie Holiday, and Francis Scott Key.

However, recent numbers are eye-opening in terms of violence, poverty, and fatherlessness.

• Often found on list of violent cities – more murders than calendar days in January 2014
• 22% of the population lives below the poverty line.
• 58% of homes are led by single mothers.

Baltimore is in desperate need of the gospel.

• 52% of the population isnʼt affiliated with any religious body.
• Less than 10% of the population is affiliated with an evangelical church – the number of evangelical Christians in Baltimore cannot fill the Ravenʼs football stadium.

Creative Missions will be serving alongside Baltimore churches, helping them engage and
spread the gospel, believing it has the power to change their city and influence the world.

How Can You Help?

  1. Please pray for me! Pray for the pastors we’ll be meeting and interacting with, and for the communities that will hear the gospel through solutions that we help to implement. Pray for unity and humility of our teams.
  2. Help cover my airfare! If you feel led, you can sponsor me here: http://sponsor.creativemissions.to
  3. Follow me on the trip!
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On April 14, 2014

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