About Me


Tim Gaskins is the Communication Specialist at Calvary Bible Church in Boulder and Erie, Colorado where his work includes web, graphics, publications and social media for both campuses. He loves sunsets, music, and social media.

He served on Creative Missions 2013 in Anchorage, Alaska, where he was on a team of creatives from all over the country that served 15 under-resourced churches and ministries. You can read more about the impact of that trip here.

How did I get started?
I have a bachelors degree in Environmental Design with an emphasis in Architecture. Although I enjoyed aspects of designing buildings and planning spaces, I loved creating in Adobe more. I’d always been the one to jump on designing graphics and web experiences for the bands I’ve been in as a hobby and even designed a simple website about Elvis Presley in 8th grade. I would provide the link here for your enjoyment if Yahoo hadn’t closed GeoCities. I think it’s for the better.


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